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My name is yan.
I am a big girl who loves gardening, camping, cooking, handcraft and photography. 
I am so glad to share my passionate journal with you.

I was raised in Beijing and grew up with my open-minded parents.
 gave me so much freedom include allow me to dress up in lolita fashion since 2005.

After graduated from high school,
I moved to the coldest city, Winnipeg and then lived there for years.

I have a culinary art and design certificate and experience work as a jewelry consultant.
I am studying for a bachelor's degree in material art and design at ocad university in downtown Toronto. 

I am now working hard on my final year jewelry design thesis.
Hopefully, by the time I graduate in june 2023, i will have a full and remarkable production line.


continuing adventures with my lovely cats...

ask me anything you want to see or know about 

@atelier_yan (jewelry)
@wuwuwuyan (lolita fashion)
@yan_in_art (vlog)

tiktok & douyin:
 @catladywy (vlog)

@yan wu (vlog)

lace market:
@wuwuwuyan (ship within canada & usa only)
please note those auction listings may end up with a higher bidding price

all collaborations, media and general inquiries, please email me: