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Welcome to Atelier Yan, an art studio directed by emerging jewelry artist Yan Wu.

Yan is a talented multidisciplinary artist who recently graduated from OCAD University. She has successfully completed the Material Art & Design Program, earning an Honours Bachelor of Design degree with a minor in Photography. Yan employs a blend of traditional and contemporary techniques to create conceptual jewelry and mixed-media pieces that are innovative and distinctive.

The creative process is a fascinating journey that Yan begins with deep ideation research and design sketches. She carefully handcrafts each piece, selecting materials, exploring textures, colors, and properties to determine the best way to incorporate them into her designs. Yan's passion for research and experimentation shines through in every crafted piece, making each one a unique and thought-provoking work of art.

Yan's inspiration comes from her love of travel, which has exposed her to different cultures and lifestyles. Her works reflect her life experiences and are a testament to her ability to translate her vision into art with her hands. Yan believes that the memory of the past, the challenges of the present, and the possibilities of the future are the roots of her imagination.

Thank you for visiting Atelier Yan, and we hope you will enjoy Yan Wu's contemporary take on traditional craft and design.


All collaborations, media and general inquiries, please email me:


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