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Jewellery Care

Always wear your jewellery as the last step before heading out, and remove it as soon as you come home.

Use a dry cotton ball or a soft cloth to wipe it gently to clean your jewellery.

Avoid any chemicals because lotion or perfume could damage it.

It is not recommended to wear jewelry while swimming.

After wearing your jewellery, store them separately in a pouch or sealed bag to prevent any interaction or scratches between metals.

Sleeping with your jewellery could cause discomfort or damage to the piece. 

Remember, the longevity of your jewellery greatly depends on the care and attention it receives.





Solid Gold

A durable metal that can last a lifetime with proper care.

Gold Filled

Gold-filled is a durable and affordable alternative to solid gold. With proper care, it remains tarnish-free under normal conditions.

Gold Vermeil 

Distinguished from standard gold plating, gold vermeil is a durable layer of gold applied onto premium solid sterling silver.

Sterling Silver

Made of 92.5% pure silver, and it is suitable for everyday wear; however, it can tarnish over time. To prevent tarnish and keep the jewelry away from daily exposure, it is important to clean it with a soft cloth regularly and store it properly.


Fine Silver

Crafted from 99.9% pure silver, it can be easily scratched or dented. Additionally, this material necessitates more frequent cleaning and maintenance compared to sterling silver.


Varying levels of hardness, so it is important to handle them with care to avoid any scratches or damage. However, cleaning them is generally easy and straightforward. Most gemstone can be gently cleaned using warm water and a soft cloth.


Natural gemstones that require a bit more care than some other types of jewelry. Due to their softness, it is best to store pearls in a jewelry bag that will protect them from being scratched or damaged by other items. Avoid using steamers, ultrasonic cleaners, and liquid silver cleaner on pearl jewellery.

Chains should be stored individually to avoid tangling. Additionally, it is important to handle them gently and avoid pulling on them.

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