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hello and welcome to atelier yan,

  I always thought lolita fashion is the perfect combination of beauty and elegance. Dress up in a doll-like fashion cheer me up and build self-confidence in my appearance, but the overcrowded closet room sort of stresses me out. Since I do not see myself continuing to wear those adorable pieces, I hope someone else will love, use, and live the best life with them.

 a home-based studio filled with one of a kind flower headdress and classic inspired modern jewelry.

My name is Yan. I'm just a big girl who loves to create things with hands, loves to dress up myself in Lolita Fashion, loves to explore this beautiful world. I am glad that I have this opportunity to share my passionate journal with you.

  I was raised in Beijing and grew up with Chinese culture. After graduated from high school, I moved to one of the coldest city Winnipeg and lived for years. I have a Culinary Art and Design Certificate and currently studying for a Bachelor's Degree in Design (major in Material Art and Design: Jewelry + minor in Photography) at OCAD University in downtown Toronto, Canada.

Fashion+leather goods
creativity/ unlimited 
be at the beginning of product story
creating an environment that is inclusive to all

craft the futurn
great design


ask me anything you want to see or know about 

@atelier_yan (jewelry)
@misswuwuwuyan (unboxing + product review)
@wuwuwuyan (lolita outfit)


Lace Market @wuwuwuyan
Please note listings may end up with higher bidding prices.

@wuwuwuyan (ship within Canada)
Please note listing prices are higher due to the 20% Poshmark seller fees.

Continuing adventures with my lovely cats... you allergic to cats

As I mentioned earlier, Atelier Yan is a home-based studio. 
I have two separate rooms functioning as a creative workspace and a walk-in closet. 

 I also live with four adopted cats. Neither of them is allowed to enter those separate rooms, but this situation might be dangerous for those who are allergic to cats. 
Your safety and health is the top priority. Please consider this factor before making any purchase. ​
Thank you for your understanding!

However, if you like cats, 
check their happily ever after life with me on Instagram: @catladywy

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