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January 1st, 2024 marks our 1st anniversary!

Celebrate with us by exploring the list of events we participated in during 2022 and 2023.

Click the links at bottom to discover our booth designs and relive memorable highlights from each occasion. In these moments, we've encountered both successes and challenges, meticulously capturing them along the way. As an artist-led business, each event has symbolized a vital step in Atelier Yan's growth.

This past year, we've achieved remarkable success with 72 market days and participation in 4 exhibitions, exceeding our sales goals by an impressive 215%. We served hundreds of customers and sold several hundred pieces of jewellery.


2023 has been a significant year for me. I started it off by incorporating my own business amid many uncertainties. From January to April, I was a full-time student while preparing for my thesis design. In May, I showcased my jewelry collections at OCAD‘s 108th graduation exhibition. June was extra special with my parents flying in from China for my graduation ceremony, where I proudly received my Bachelor of Design degree and a minor in photography.

Post-graduation, I delved into business accelerator programs for artists in June and July. I also took a month off in July to reflect and solidify my life direction. From August to December, I worked relentlessly, designing, crafting jewelry, and participating in pop-up events to promote my business. During this period, I also took more in-depth entrepreneur courses, receiving notice of approval for a Starter Company Plus grant from the Ontario government in December.

This year has been a journey of hard work, learning, and growth. It was filled with challenges and struggles that now form a significant part of a minority woman’s story. Huge thanks to everyone who supported my small business, Atelier Yan! As I reflect on the year, I realize that everything I did shaped who I am today. Thanks to Mom and Dad, Yi, Midnight, Snowflake, Twilight, Shadow, and Noir for loving, protecting, and supporting me unconditionally over these past years. Thanks to each person I met and talked to along the way, especially to those who purchased and supported Atelier Yan. Your backing has allowed me to chase my dream and become the woman I‘ve always aspired to be.

Cheers to an incredible year and many more years ahead!



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